Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Are Cheap iPhone 5 Cases Worth Buying?

iPhone 5 Cases: The Various Options
iPhone 5 cases come with the widest variety and options in the world. There are the ultra-thin slim cases which are light-weight and fit in the pocket and then there are military grade cases from brands like Otterbox which come as one of the strongest protective cases for your iPhone 5.

Amidst all this, people are fond of cases that are not only good but also affordable. With Chinese manufacturers supporting a lot of people's fancies, the focus is on producing large quantity of dirt-cheap cases which are often very poor in quality.

Of course, that doesn't make all cheap iPhone 5 cases poor in quality. But with most cases – where the manufacturer only thinks of quantity - the quality gets hit and you have really worthless piece of iPhone 5 cases that only waste people's money.

Cheap Cases: What's The Problem
Most cheap cases you'll find in the marketplace are often available for less than $5.00. You can find insanely dirt cheap iPhone 5 cases even under $3.00 that ship en mass. But then, not all of these are going to be really useful.

The problems with cheap cases are many. For instance:

  • They're quite flimsy, made of substandard material and come with a very weak protective cover
  • They're flexible but that comes at the cost of them being “tear-able”
  • The design isn't neat-fitting; sometimes, the buttons are not easily accessible
  • The case leaves a telltale mark on the iPhone 5, damaging the casing of the smartphone

And we can actually go on listing a lot of problems.

Good-quality Yet Affordable
But as we mentioned before, there are iPhone 5 cases that are cheap and quite good too.


  1. Some cases are really priced upwards of $20 but the manufacturers run cheap, discounted sales on websites like Amazon and eBay. You can grab them before the stocks run out – as in most cases, they are limited edition.
  2. A decent price to spend on a decent iPhone 5 case is often in the range of $20. Belkin, Case Mate and Griffin offer cases that are in the $20 price range. We think that a decent price to spend for an iPhone 5 case would be $20.

Even with the branded cases, be sure to check out Amazon for discounted prices. Often, there are discounts of over 70% on the list price.

Tips on Selecting the case for your iPhone 5
Getting the right case for your iPhone 5 can be a chore in itself with the available options. But then, when you're talking about cheap and affordable iPhone 5 cases, the choices do get smaller. When you're looking at under $20 iPhone 5 cases, big brands do come in: Griffin, Belkin and Case Mate have cases that are in that range.

Some of the most important thing you need to look at, when you're searching for iPhone 5 cases are:

  • Durability
  • Design: how good it fits and leaves the buttons accessible
  • Flexibility: so it's easy to fit and take out
  • Thickness: you don't want a case that'll make it hard to carry the iPhone around
  • Extra features: a card-holder or a kickstand won't hurt, right?

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