Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Should You Insure Your iPad and iPhone?

The topic of tablet insurance has taken a long-form discussion as more people are increasingly becoming aware of the risks involved in handling a tablet or even a smartphone.

For most of us, the iPad or the iPhone is safe in our hands. We don't expect anything bad to happen to the coveted gadgets but when it happens, it's usually very bad.

An iPad or an iPhone can:

  • be stolen
  • break when dropped accidentally
  • get wet (accidental drops into water) and become nonfunctional
  • suffer a display-scratch or shatter 

Most users think they'll have it safe but then, certain circumstances are totally unpredictable. That's when things get ugly.

A new iPad from Apple comes with its own warranties and then there is AppleCare+ which offers pretty good coverage on its own. But there are choices beyond AppleCare+ which can make sure you can relax with the safety concerns of your iPad.

That's what is iPad insurance all about.

Why would I want an iPad insurance? Isn't that just wasting my money?
May be it sounds like you're wasting some bucks over a petty thing as insurance but let's take this scenario:

  • You think that spending out, say, a one-time of $100 for three years' insurance is a waste of time
  • In the three years of using the gadget, an accident happens and the iPad's screen shatters

You'll either have to replace the gadget entirely or shell out half as much as buying a new iPad to get the screen fixed.

In the event that you've got insurance cover for your iPad, you'll spend, at its peak, $75 to get the screen replaced.

Now, I'm not saying that people are careless about or indifferent to insurance but most of our carelessness comes from the opinion that nothing bad will happen to our iPads.

iPad insurances have become quite cheap these days. For as little as $10 a month or a one-time fee that makes it even cheaper, you get almost complete coverage and security.

Not just this. iPad and iPhone thefts are becoming all too common. Apple does not (and cannot) provide any type of a coverage for thefts; this is one reason why they focused developing their Find My iPhone app.

If you can afford it, it is highly recommended that you get your iPad insured. Insurance is getting cheaper anyway.

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