Monday, 31 December 2012

vShare and AppCake Are Considerable Installous Alternatives

Now that Installous has disappeared - or rather, shut down because the team at thought things aren't as active as before  you should be looking for alternatives.

There are plenty of alternatives to Installous but one fact that you'd probably agree is nothing is as simple and elegant as Installous itself. In a way, it was like Cydia: one single stop for all the resources you ever needed. In this case, resources was those precious IPA files.

But let's accept the fact that the Cydia app is gone for the moment (we still hope that it will be back). Thankfully, with problems surfacing in Installous much earlier, we have been looking for good, considerable alternatives that are as good, if not better.

There are number of great alternatives but of course, it's a hard time for hardcore fans of Installous who have been happily using the simplified interface. Two of the very best alternatives are reviewed here.

1. AppCake
Without a doubt, AppCake from the iPhoneCake repo comes as the finest alternative right now. The benefits lie in the fact that you don't have to install any AppSync for AppCake to work and secondly, the interface is kind of intuitive and simple. 

AppCake is available in repo (which you have to add in Cydia -> Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add)

2. vShare
vShare (formerly AppVV) has gained instant prominence now. Not surprisingly because the folks behind it have produced a really amazing piece of a software that works with iOS 6. Configured for the iPhone and iPad, vShare is right now available for download through their website at 

vShare requires that you install AppSync. Currently, as the entire repo is down with no signs of coming back up, you will need to find third-party sources (like the SiNfuLiPhone repo) to get AppSync. If you have AppSync already, no worries.

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