Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How to Install IPA Files Directly on iPhone with iFunbox

If you have been an Installous-user all these years, the recent shutting down of the service would have come as a shock. A lot of users are now looking for Installous alternative solutions and methods. Installous made things enormously simple so there's really no way you can think of to make the alternative processes simple.

However, there's this software called iFunbox which has had a pretty good run amidst jailbreakers.

iFunbox is a SSH-type device with a good GUI. It's basically the usual shell guy with a beautiful face so you can interact in a more intuitive way with your iPhone.

And the best thing is, iFunbox lets you download and install IPA files directly to your iPhone. Jailbreak or no jailbreak, you can install IPA files directly. However, sync and successful running of the app remains a little problematic (some users get it done successfully while some users don't).

Here's what you need:
  • iFunbox (Win | Mac)
  • An iPhone/iPad
  • A PC/Mac with USB cable to connect the iDevice
  • The .IPA file

Here's how to install IPA files on your iPhone with iFunbox:

Step 1: Connect your device to the system

Step 2: Open iFunbox

Step 3: After your device has been recognized by iFunbox, click on "Install App"

Step 4: Choose the ipa file that you downloaded

Step 5: iFunbox will try and install the app on your iPhone

Step 6: Disconnect your iPhone after the installation is complete. Restart the device.

Step 7: Open the installed application: hopefully, if things have gone well, you should be able to run the app.

As always, there are downsides to this. Since you've basically installed an app by SSH-ing into your iPhone, you might have problems syncing or updating the app. For instances, you might see problems when you try to sync this installed app with iTunes because iTunes doesn't recognize this app as a "purchase."

Nevertheless, if you're looking to test apps, this is a simple and elegant way to do. Also, for all those enthusiasts who like to try an app before they buy it from the App Store, this could be a very viable option.

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