Sunday, 10 February 2013

How to Convert PDF to DOC File on Mac

Converting a doc to PDF seems easy these days, what with so many softwares ready for that, but what about PDF to DOC conversion for Mac?

There are quite a lot of paid Mac PDF editors, applications / suites that help you convert PDF to doc, xls and other formats like epub (for mobile), and even html. However, what if you need a free solution just to edit those few extra lines of text on the little PDF file you got?

That's where a lot of online solutions come up.

There are websites which allow you to convert PDF files to doc format so you can easily edit them. Most websites like Zamzar follow one simple method: you upload the PDF document, choose the output format (which is DOC in our case) and then finally just hit on Convert. The output file will be ready in a few minutes, depending on the size of your PDF file.


In many cases, there are some little limitations like the maximum number of conversions in a day, but most of them do a very good job of conversion.

But if you are wary of online solutions, there's a way to convert PDF to DOC file on Mac through an application too.

Head over to SimoPDF or download this file and install it on your Mac.

After that, open it, drag the files (PDF) that you wish to convert and hit convert. Your DOC files will be ready in no time.

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